for whatever you’re putting off

Side Project Sessions is method designed to help people find time, space and quiet for the big and little things they’re putting off.

So many of us are surrounded by distraction, overwhelm, burnout, busyness, and pressure. Whatever the block, the simply format helps you get started and keep up momentum.

Starting out as an event series hosted by creator Madeleine Dore, this deep work method has been used to write novels, start side projects, tend to plants, declutter inboxes, plot career shifts, read, study, engage in activism, learn new skills, play, and explore without an agenda.

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Side Project Sessions is a method that can be done anytime, anywhere. You can gather a small group of friends in person or online, or set-up your own solo session.

the basic method 

Arrive: People arrive or meet alone, set up their workspace, write a to do list and share what they’re working on

Session 1: Set a timer for a 45-minute deep work session

Break: Take an all important break for 15-minutes

Session 2: Focus for another 45-minutes

Break: Pause, mingle, stretch, refresh for 15-minutes

Session 3: Do one more 45-minute deep work session!

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Learn how to host your own deep work session with the DIY guide


The complete workbook will guide you through a three-hour deep work session, alongside inspiring tips, advice for prioritising, and advice for keeping up momentum.

This digital workbook is a place to get inspired, learn a new approach, and most importantly, get started.


  • Everything you need to get started with your own deep-work session

  • A step-by-step guide to find focus and flow

  • Tips for creating a virtual or in-person group

  • Tools and tips for prioritising tasks

  • Guiding principles to inspire and comfort

  • Advice on learning to find rest and pause

  • Printable worksheets and custom to-do lists

  • Playlist link for deep focus

  • Inspiration to keep up momentum

Get started on your session with the DIY workbook

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Words from the community

"I did more on my side project than I have in a year!" – Mollie


“I would have checked my phone a million times if I was working at home.” – Sonya


“There is a magic to this accountability space that Madeleine expertly conducts... So many riches from one morning." – Victoria

“It's so impressive how addictive it can become waiting for that bell to go off and making sure you feel satisfied that you got enough done during the session." – Amelia


“Side Project Sessions has been a wonderful discovery – working alongside other creatives, being held accountable, setting time aside time for my work and committing to it. I’ve been so productive in the sessions and they’ve helped me to understand my work patterns.” – Bethany