lack of accountability.

Not knowing where to start.


The busyness trap.





Do you have an idea for a side project that you're excited and passionate about, but struggle to put into motion?

When it comes to starting or sustaining a labour of love, there are a multitude of blocks – from self-doubt or its close relative procrastination, to a shortage of time or deadlines to spur you into action. 

Side Project Sessions is a regular event series designed to help you do whatever it is you’re putting off alongside a friendly bunch of other people.

Think of it as peer pressured productivity!



Find out more about how the events run, what to expect and not to expect,
and why we are passionate about side projects. 

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accountability sessions

A personalised and targeted productivity and accountability session to help you identify your major sticking points and take the first – or next! – crucial step.

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Ready to take the next step with your side project or find time for whatever you’re putting off? Be sure to register for an upcoming event.

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Side Project Sessions


"I just wanted to say how great the Side Projects Session was on Sunday. It is such a great idea – lovely space and lovely people. I did more on my side project than I have in a year!" – Mollie  


"I have just arrived home after a side project session. MY GOODNESS! I got more solid writing done in this one Sunday morning than my brain has let me do for the past month. There is a magic to this accountability space that Madeleine (and her bell) expertly conduct... So many riches from one morning." – Victoria

“It's so impressive how addictive it can become waiting for that bell to go off and making sure you feel satisfied that you got enough done during the session." – Amelia


“Side Project Sessions has been a wonderful discovery – working alongside other creatives, being held accountable, setting time aside time for my work and committing to it. I’ve been so productive in the sessions and they’ve helped me to understand my work patterns.” – Bethany

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We are currently accepting expressions of interest for hosts in new cities!
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