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What is Side Project Sessions?

Side Project Sessions provides the antidote to feeling stuck on your side project.

Located in Melbourne (for now!) the regular event series offers accountability, space, time, and a regular routine amongst a supportive community to help you take your idea further (or at least help you knock a little off your to do list!) 

Whether it's writing a novel, starting a blog, creating an illustration project, or tinkering away at a creative idea, having concentrated pockets of time is key to taking your project to the next stage.

How does it work?

Something phenomenal happens when you surround yourself with other creatives working on their projects – you're guilted into working on your project too!

Side Project Sessions utilises a time management technique to help you get into a state of deep work to focus on your labour of love, prioritise, find accountability and have fun with your side project. 

Not in Melbourne?

We are currently accepting expressions of interest for hosts in new cities!
Introduce yourself at if you're interested in productivity and nurturing communities.  

What to expect:

+ Distraction free work time

Working solo on your project can be difficult. To help keep you accountable, as a group we will work through three sessions – 45-50 minutes of work-time paired with a 15 minute break.

+ A mix of creative disciplines

Illustrators, writers, designers, photographers, philosophers, scientists, teachers, academics – our definition of 'creative' is broad and we welcome all side projects and ideas.

+ Drop-in, drop-out

While you do have to register to attend each session, how often you come along to Side Project Sessions is your call. Some sessions may have just a few people attending, some may have dozens!

+ Introvert-friendly environment

As the main priority of the event is to focus and get work done, how much or how little you engage with others around you is entirely up to you! 

What *not* to expect:

+ Advice on making money

This event series is not about "the hustle" or how you can monetize your idea – it's about creating a space and carving out time to work on your ideas and see where they lead you.  

+ Pressure to share your work or network, network, network!

You will not be put on the spot to share your idea or "work the room" – this space is just for you and your project, without the pressure. 


Madeleine Dore Side Project Sessions creative Melbourne

Side Project Sessions is the brainchild of Melbourne writer Madeleine Dore.

Through her popular interview project Extraordinary Routines, Madeleine saw first hand how starting a side project of your own can help make traction in a creative career. 

She is a big fan of the philosophy:

 "If you can't find the job you want, create it."

Equally, she understands the pressures and challenges that came along with finding the time, motivation and confidence to get something started or keep up momentum.

Madeleine also brings countless insights and strategies for managing a side project straight from the successful creatives she has interviewed – Zoe Foster Blake, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Chaz Hutton, Lisa Congdon, Rachel Burke, Spenceroni and many more .

Through Side Project Sessions, Madeleine wants to bring people together to help them get out of their own way and create extraordinary things.