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Feeling stuck on your creative side project or business goals?

Often we know what we need to do to be our own version of success, but we get stuck when it comes to finding time, knowing where to start, dealing with overwhelm or struggle with follow through.

Part-coaching, part-doing, my customised sessions will help you identify your major sticking points and navigate your first – or next – crucial step. Think of it as personal training for your productivity!

Combining tailored questions and insights gained from five years of interviewing successful creatives, I will help you get outside your head to gain clarity, articulate your goals, and most importantly, take action.

How does it work?

The session are conducted over Zoom and broken into two 45-minute blocks, totalling 90-minutes.

During the first block, I will work with you to identify your creative struggles and deep dive into what’s been holding you back. I’ll then help you identify solutions, set goals, establish a routine or set up habit triggers based on a wealth of insights from successful self-starters.

In the second block, we will identify the most important thing you need to do to get started, put ideas into action, and build momentum. For accountability, I will stay on the line to ensure you get this important task done – no excuses!

Booking an ongoing human deadline package allows us to deep-dive even further to develop a framework for your project and execute multiple steps.

Whether a one-off session or a package, you will learn more about what you want to achieve, how to approach it, and most importantly, you’ll have STARTED something before we finish the call!

“The one-on-one coaching session with Madeleine was rigorous, focused, practical, time efficient and very effective. The insight, resources and tools Madeleine gave me in our coaching session are all about transporting me to the best version of myself, and have set me up to get on with my writing.”

– Dion

What to expect

+ Clarity on your goals, project, and what drives you

+ Uncover the blocks that are preventing you from starting

+ Personalised guidance and nuanced feedback – I will never tell you what to do, rather help you discover how to do it

+ Freedom from your own “made up” rules that are no longer serving you

+ A customised to do list, personalised routine, or habit triggers to create momentum

+ Detailed, action-focused notes from the session and a recording you can return to

+ Be transported to the best version of yourself!

More testimonials

“Madeleine is the ultimate productivity coach – the session is perfect to unstick anyone that has lost the love for their side project and needs some quick and simple steps to reignite it and keep moving forward. Couldn't recommend more.”
– Prue

“The amount of personal attention Madeleine paid to my hopes and dreams almost made me cry. Nobody does that. Just hearing everything reflected back exactly as I said it was incredibly powerful. She gave me an excellent summary of the call and some very useful follow up points immediately after the call. Madeleine has a special talent for making things clear. She cut through my excuses and disclaimers and got to the heart of what was holding me back. It’s a nice point in between a therapist listening to your life and a mother telling you to do your homework. " – Sarah

“LOVED the constructive and honest feedback, and the practical advice and actions to get you closer to your goal.”–

“Madeleine is very easy to open up to and we quickly identified a big task that was getting in the way of my creativity and given me some great ideas to make the process easier.”
– Tara

“Madeleine is an excellent listener and was able to quickly understand where and why I've been getting stuck with my creative writing projects, and able to identify the thinking, plans and habits that have been holding me back. The insight, resources and tools Madeleine gave me in our coaching session are all about transporting me to the best version of myself, and have set me up to get on with my writing.”
– Dion


Want to get unstuck?

Sessions start from $175 for the standard 90-minute accountability session
Tailored packages available for ongoing projects.

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About Madeleine

Madeleine Dore writer

Side Project Sessions is the brainchild of Melbourne writer Madeleine Dore.

Through her popular interview project Extraordinary Routines, Madeleine saw first hand how starting a side project of your own can help make traction in a creative career. 

She is a big fan of the philosophy: "If you can't find the job you want, create it."

Equally, she understands the pressures and challenges that came along with finding the time, motivation and confidence to get something started or keep up momentum.

Madeleine also brings countless insights and strategies for managing a side project straight from the successful creatives she has interviewed – Zoe Foster Blake, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Chaz Hutton, Lisa Congdon, Rachel Burke, Spenceroni and many more .

Through Side Project Sessions, Madeleine wants to bring people together to help them get out of their own way and create extraordinary things.  

Questions? Feel free to get in touch: